A downloadable game for Windows

Just a project some friends and I did for a class final!  Taking place in a dystopian future, you must go through a week of the (not-so) average worker's life on a pill that not only keeps people docile, but also  keeps them from seeing things that are meant to be kept under wraps.

Credits -

Steve Glatfelter - Programming 

Christian Herman - Programming and Art

Briana Sanchez - Writing and Programming

Stefan Vo - Programming and Audio

This game IS compatible with an Xbox 360 and a PS4 Controller!


Keyboard - A, D to Move, Spacebar to Interact, R to Reset

Xbox 360 Controller - Left Stick to Move, A to Interact, Y to Reset

PS4 Controller - Left Stick to Move, Cross to Interact,  Triangle to Reset


Peacekeeper.zip 34 MB

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