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Causatum is a walking sim that has you walking through the woods, but a mysterious force is acting on the items laid about in this forest, and it's up to you to unravel the reason why.

This was the end result of my group's 3D Game Design Final!  We hope you enjoy it!

Credits -

Jessica Piszczek - Level Design, Audio

Kelsey Burnham - Level Design, Audio

Jamie Park - Lead Programmer

Stefan Vo - 3D Modeling/Animation


The Ambient Ukulele by Lee Rosevere

Some Sand by ibi


BP Typewriter by George Triantafyllakos

Berlin X Bold by Antonio Rodrigues Jr.


Causatum(Mouse&Keyboard) 141 MB
Causatum(DualShock4) 141 MB

Install instructions

Choose the version of the game you want to play (whether you want to play with mouse and keyboard or a DualShock 4 controller) and download the zip file.

Then simply extract the zip file to somewhere accessible on your computer, and then open the .exe file and enjoy!

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