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Take on Big Competition

In Banterbury, you play a lowly squire jousting your way to the top by challenging the Arena's greatest champion! Test your skills in the Training Valley before smashing into the Arena to take on The Knight.

Banterbury Features:

A reins-based riding system that is perfectly playable sitting down-

A combat system centered around maximizing velocity and mobility-

An intense boss fight that will test your jousting skills-

...and more!

Banterbury was my group's Virtual Reality final!  We hope you enjoy it!

[This Game Is Compatible With: Steam VR connected to HTC]



Steve Glatfelter - Programming, UI, Level Design

Corran Nolan - Boss AI and Level Design, 3D Environment Modeling, Audio

Stefan Vo - Programming, 3D Character Modeling/Animation


Yonder Hill and Dale by Aaron Kenny

Juniper by Kevin MacLeod

Black and White by Max Surla

Majestic Hills by Kevin MacLeod


Fenwick Wood Type by Dieter Steffmann


BanterburyVR.zip 50 MB

Install instructions

1. Extract the zip file to somewhere accessible

2. Set up your VR Headset with Steam VR and use room set up

3.  Find a place to sit

4. Open the .exe file

5. Adjust your seat so that you are facing the signpost in the opening screen

6.  Enjoy!

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